2021 Reunion Dates Announced

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2021 Reunion Dates Announced

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The USS James Madison Reunion Association has scheduled our next Reunion for March 24-28, 2021 in Galveston, Texas.

In view of world events, including the Coronavirus and economic impacts, we are trying to provide a maximum of flexibility to allow each of us to accommodate our own special circumstances (for example, allowing no penalty cancellations at the hotel with 24 hours notice).

Should we experience a government-mandated disruption (whether Federal, State or local), we are prepared to adjust to remain in compliance. We also allow for the possibility that good judgment may require that we re-schedule.

Please make your travel arrangements to retain the level of flexibility needed to match your personal comfort level.

More information on the agenda, costs, reservations and so on will be forthcoming as soon as nailed down.

We're hoping you can join us!
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Re: 2021 Reunion Dates Announced

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Which hotel?


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