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Association Business at the 2019 Reunion

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:03 pm
by Board Admin
On Saturday after the Tolling of the Boats ceremony, the association conducts our business meeting.. We have some items to be addressed there and I'm sharing some of them now to give you a chance to think them over.

1. Board positions: Current board members are Keith Holman, President; George Gross, Vice-president; Sam Walton, Secretary; and Don Hix, Treasurer are elected positions. George has indicated he will not be continuing as Vice President, so that position is open. Keith, Sam and Don have indicated they are each willing to continue in their current positions and are running for re-election. There may be others who wish to run for positions on the board. Nominations will be taken from the floor during the meeting and you are welcome to announce before the meeting.
2. Non-elected positions:
1. JD Walton is the historian. He has indicated he is willing to continue in that role.
2. Keith Holman has been serving as Webmaster and filling in for storekeeper. .
3. Charline Huwe is Memorials Coordinator and helps us to acknowledge our shipmates.

Location for Next Reunion (2021):

We would like to identify a couple of options for the next reunion with voting to take place over the summer. As noted previously, future reunion locations require a sponsor (someone who agrees to take responsibility for making the arrangements, finances for deposits and so forth will be paid by the Association). We've been pretty lucky in having chosen no “bad” locations over the years and we'd like to continue that tradition.

While its not necessary to have someone living in the location, it can be helpful in checking things out in advance. Suggestions already made for 2021 include Charleston, Cocoa Beach/Canaveral, a cruise ship but no one has stepped forward for any location yet.

For reference, past locations were: 2004 - Charleston SC, 2005 - Jacksonville FL/Kings Bay Ga, 2007 - New London CT, 2009 - Bremerton WA, 2011 - Charleston SC, 2013 - Jacksonville FL, 2015 - Mobile AL, 2017 - Charleston SC, 2019 – Rapid City SD

Future of the Store. All remaining inventory from the store will be at this reunion. The current plan is to close the store as it currently exists. We would be interested in hearing proposals for options to investigate going forward. The preference would be for something that was more pay as you go instead of tying up sums in inventory.