Reunion 2015 Selection:Round Two

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Final Selection for 2015 Reunion Location

Poll ended at Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:41 pm

Mobile, Alabama
Rapid City, South Dakota
No preference
Total votes: 36

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Reunion 2015 Selection:Round Two

Post by Keith Holman »

As described here, we pick our reunion locations in a two step process.

From mid-July until the end of August, you indicated the two most popular choices: Mobile Al and Rapid City SD. There is some discussion of each at that earlier link.

Now it comes down to picking only one.

What factors do you use to choose? A location likely to draw a bigger crowd? Personal convenience? Some place you've always wanted to go? A spot with family activities? Geographic proximity to a target audience? Serendipity?

Whichever factors you consider, its time to vote.
You may vote for only one (1) choice.

Voting will close September 30, 2013.

You may change your choices up until the poll closes.

If you'd like to "campaign" on behalf of one of these locations or have additional information that you'd like to share, please reply here to make that information known to others who will be voting.

If you have no preference, please indicate that. It's good to know that a broad number had the chance to voice a preference, even if they had none.

For reference, past locations were: 2004 - Charleston SC, 2005 - Jacksonville FL/Kings Bay Ga, 2007 - New London CT, 2009 - Bremerton WA, 2011 - Charleston SC, 2013 - Jacksonville FL

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are a former Madison sailor and/or a member of Reunion Association and cannot login and have your vote counted, send an email to NOW to make it so you can. Do not wait until the voting closes and then say "oh there was a problem". I am not set up to take votes by email.
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Re: Reunion 2015 Selection:Round Two

Post by Board Admin »

Got a couple of internet links sent to us that may influence your decision.

Some additional info about Rapid City SD


some additional info from Mobile AL
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