2011 business meeting-agenda items

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2011 business meeting-agenda items

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If you have agenda items for the reunion, please submit them to Charline Huwe, Gil Raynor or Bob Thompson for inclusion on the business agenda.
Some of us have served on the board since the inception and the first reunion in 2004. It is time for others to step up to the plate so we can continue the reunions. Most of the work has been done by individuals from the earlier years of the Madison and we would like others to step up to carry on what we have begun and carried on since 2004.
We need someone who can oversea the ships store and handle the sales. You don't have to collect money or anything, all you have to do is maintain an inventory, take orders, mail out the items and include an invoice which is paid to the treasurer.

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to Grady Harrison who moved us off dead center to get the association started, to Roger Schmidt and others who had the vision of a reunion, To Fred and Charline who have carried most of the load and to Bob Thompson who has been a first class Treasurer (even though he is a retired Captain, LOL).

Everyone who attends the reunions has been excited about the great times we have had. We eagerly look forward to the next ones and find that friendships made 40 something years ago are as real today as they were then. Personally, my shipmates from my time on the Madison are some of my best friends and I encourage you to come and to participate with us. If you are truly limited from attending for some financial reason, please contact one of the board members, we may be able to work out some arrangements like room sharing or other ways to make it possible for you to come.

The hotel selected has a full buffet breakfast included in the cost which is one of the reasons we made the decision we made. Several of the Association officers have made a trip to the hotel at their expense to go over the details and ensure we are getting the best value for your dollars and we have a great signup started with many repeat shipmates and a bunch of new ones. This is going to be an awesome reunion, don't miss it!! There will not be another one for two years and some will not be here to come in two years so come in June.
Gil Raynor
Vice President
Madison reunion assn.
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