Hotel Problem

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Hotel Problem

Post by btempleton »
I just called and tried to make reservations. The lady I spoke with said she had no information about a "USS James Madison Reunion" in their system. She searched by name and for dates from July 7th through July 12.

She also stated that it was more ususal for groups to have a code number for making reservations, does anyone have a clue as to what that number might be?

I also gave a try at just making the reservations online but that also requires a code number.
Keith Holman
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Re: Hotel Problem

Post by Keith Holman »

Doesn't sound good but things happen. I've forwarded this to the folks working on the plans. Hopefully we'll have an answer soon.
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No Problem for me

Post by ELT627 »

Called just a few minutes ago and the Gal who answered knew exactly who our group was and was really on her toes, took longer to give her my info than anything else.

Looking forward to seeing all you reprobates there. Don't miss this, it will be two years before you can plan on doing it again.

Also, nominations are open, so if you would like to nominate someone for an officer get up there and do it.

We also need a volunteer to be a storekeeper. We own some inventory and need someone with space and time to handle it.
Our current storekeeper is out of the country more than he is here and when he is here he is running marathons in nasty weather.
Gil Raynor
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