What would you like to see here?

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Keith Holman
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What would you like to see here?

Post by Keith Holman »

We set up a separate area for those who joined the association. Now the question is what would you like to see here that isn't available elsewhere.

Contact information is available elsehwere in these forums for all registered users whether members or not. Would you like to see a list of who the members are?

Is this a good place for posting periodic financial reports? Do you want to see them anyway?

How about an updateo n progress with the IRS on our tax status?

It's your area. What would you like to see?
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LOL! Kind of anti-climactic.....

Post by shim-rhoades »

I finally rec'd my ability to access this forum. I really thought something was going on in here......

Not that I'm anybody, but I figured that anything to do with the association, meeting minutes, discussions, votes, ideas etc... should be posted in here. Maybe we could use this also to set time and dates for any chatroom discussions or meetings.

But thats just me....
Too bad ignorance isn't painful!
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