William Subalusky

Tracking down missing shipmates
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William Subalusky

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Happened to be on the Naval Submarine League website today after coming across an old copy of The Submarine Review in one of my many boxes of memorabilia and noted that W. T. Subalusky was one of their contributors. Came to this website to verify my memory was correct as I thought our engineer during the 1979-1982 ERO was a LCDR Subalusky. Everything lines up that this is him. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wt-bill-subalusky-a7087430
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Re: William Subalusky

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That seems to be the same man. I do know that he was in that area of the country in the mid-1980s. More recent efforts to contact him have gone unanswered though.
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