2011 Reunion "after" Report

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2011 Reunion "after" Report

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The pictures that I have have all been posted. They are in several albums. Click on the link to go there.
Reunion 2011
Reunion 2011 Ft. Sumter Reunion 2011 Cold War Memorial
Reunion 2011 - Patriots' Point
Reunion 2011 Hunley Exhibit

Individuals can post their own pictures to these albums or send an email to website@ussjamesmadison627.com and we'll get them uploaded for you.

You are invited to add your comments (including identifying the guilty or innocent as you prefer).
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Re: 2011 Reunion "after" Report

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We did visit the lab to see the Hunley. They wouldn't let us take pictures in some parts of the building (where the sub is actually located) but we were among the first privileged members of the public to see the sub upright. Apparently some members of the press were there the day before and this was posted on the YahooNews site, complete with photos of the restricted area. Click on the link
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