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2013 Reunion Site?

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We haven't yet had the dinner for the 2011 reunion and there's already talk of the 2013 reunion.

Among the topics was a discussion of where to hold it. We'll do as we did previously and let the voting take place on these forums. It will be a two-step vote again.

The first round will be amongst:
  • Groton CT
  • Jacksonville FL-Kings Bay GA
  • Mobile AL
  • Norfolk - Newport News VA
  • San Diego CA
Considerations should include costs, ease of travel, attractions in the area, willingness and availability of locals to help set things up and also perceived attendance.

Give some thought to why you would prefer a particular area and there will be time to make a case for it. Just a hint, in making my personal choice, a place where someone says "this is a great spot and I'll be willing to help make it happen there by volunteering to do some local legwork" would be a significant factor to me. But that's my personal opinion.

This first round of voting will begin mid-July and run through mid-September 2011. Then the top three will be placed in a poll format for narrowing the choice with at least a 60 day open period.
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