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Signups for the reunion continue to come in, and some have sent in registration forms and not signed up for the hotel and the opposite also applies. We have some great tours lined up but we must have your tour registrations so we can confirm all the details in advance of the reunion. Please get your registrations in so we can get some good counts.

The Madison association board met this weekend at Amelia Florida and discussed having a guest speaker. We thought what might be more fun and interesting was to have various crewmembers tell about some experience on the boat and try to do it in historical order. So for example we would like some of the new construction people tell about that, their sea trials, fun or interesting events and or/people and the early patrols. The first refueling, conversion to Poseidon, sinking at the pier, seatrials, interesting events on patrols, sound trials transit to west coast, trident conversion, decomissioning etc.
It would be interesting to bring all the crew members up to date on some of the various things the Madison went through.

Email fchuwe@cheqnet.net and let us know what you would like to talk about.

Our goal is to make these reunions interesting and enjoyable for all who attend and to continue to expand the folks who come and participate.
So sign up, send in your registration and let us know you can tell a sea story

We have a great history and want all to be aware of our part in winning the Cold War
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