Many exercised their creative talents during downtime on patrol by writing poetry or prose. Here's a spot to share yours.
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Kelly Joe Ray 5/27/2019 Memorial Day

Will I ever be out of the Submarine Navy? Will there ever come such a time… when the salt is washed off of my scarred skin and my blood has been cleansed of its brine?
Will a day ever come without memories? Of the perils and trails of the deep…of brave men of iron… on boats made of steel…in ships that were designed to sink?
Will I ever forget their commitment? The sacrifices each one of them made…The lonely hours spent in the darkness…Quietly, silently, serving beneath the oceans waves…
Will it ever be out of my Psyche? The totalities of my human mind…Will I ever have peace from the nightmares that visit me every night?
Will I ever be over the feelings of fear and utmost respect for deep? The blanket of hell that hung over my head so classified that I won’t repeat?
For of all the Submarine Sailors of history… have these words in their minds enshrined…Loose lips sink ships, so keep your mouth shut and I’m not going to open mine…
Will I ever be free from the bondage…that ties me to these men I respect? I scarce doubt that I’ll ever forget them…Or the indelible impressions they left…
Men no one knew existed…except for spies and their families and friends…And those who have served standing side by side…With our other Brothers of the Phin…
Men whose chests have been pounded…with a tradition of toughness and pride…The pride that runs deep…Long watches they keep…To make sure that we all survive…
No, I’ll never be loosed from the wanting and burning desire to be… a part of what makes this country so great… a part of what keeps America Free…
No, I’ll never be out of the Submarine Navy…A Bubblehead I’ll always be…So, I guess I just better face it…It was a permanent appointment for me…
K.J. Ray MM1/SS Ret.
Blue Crew 1974-1979
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Sonar gang '70-'74 Gold
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