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2007 Reunion -- Hotel, Social, Meeting, Dinner
2007 Reunion -- US Sub Force Museum and USS Nautilus
2007 Reunion -- Basic Enlisted Sub School (BESS) and SubBase Tour
2007 Reunion -- Submarine Memorial and SubVets Hall Luncheon
2007 Reunion -- Other Things in Mystic and New London
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This website is founded as a Point of Contact home for all submariners [Officers & Enlisted; BLUE Crew & GOLD Crew] who served aboard this nuclear-powered, ballistic missile Cold War Era submarine.

A tale of history awaits to be told from the hands who enter here. Inside the hatches, Fore to Aft, Port to Starboard, all decks, compartments, and work spaces, from every planned operation to any near mishaps aboard, these memories exist in our personal experiences. There are successive generations wondering, "What's it like to be serving aboard a submarine?" - Sharing among the crew here will revive several memories and bring lore to life. So, hoist her anchor and keep ole Dolly rockin'!

The USS James Madison Reunion Association has bee responsible for four crew reunions so far with a fifth in the planning stages. Our most recent reunion was held in Bremerton WA in 2009 and included a tour of a TRIDENT Submarine as well as renewing of contacts with shipmates.

If you served before on this boat, your shipmates here are on a quest to contact you! Hail to the DOLPHINS, Silent Servicemen, the proud men of the USS James Madison SSBN627 who wear them!


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